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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Executive staff

Our executive staff are:


Nicole Katen 
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Nicole has been teaching at Mainsbridge School as a permanent staff member since 2003 and has 22 years teaching experience, eighteen of those years in special education.

As Principal, her main focus is providing a safe and exceptional learning environment where students, staff and the wider community grow and develop a culture of positive engaged learners.

Nicole is committed to providing significant student and staff welfare programs, building strong relationships with parents and the community and ensuring the students at Mainsbridge School are provided with opportunities to access current technology devices that support their individual learning needs.

Nicole also manages programs such as staff professional development, student communication programs and individual learning plans.

Deputy Principal

Melinda Smith
B.T, B.Ed, Reading Recovery (International Accreditation)

Melinda has been teaching at Mainsbridge School since 2008. She leads the school’s Curriculum Development team producing a range of differentiated K – 12 teaching and learning programs catering for students with special needs, fully aligned to curriculum. She is passionate about upskilling teachers to be effective in their work with students and provides professional development on proven, effective and current strategies, documents and programs. 

Currently she is supporting staff to introduce the Australian Curriculum and has developed a four year scope and sequence covering all subjects K-12 to ensure all students have full access to high quality learning. 

As part of her commitment to staff development she has mentored the school’s beginning teachers through their accreditation process and provided a wide range of Professional Learning relevant to Special Education to all staff on an ongoing basis.

Melinda’s priority is student and staff welfare and she works alongside the PBL and Behaviour Support teams to ensure best outcomes for all when managing issues affecting learning and safety.

Assistant Principal

Deepinder Kaur 
B.A Dip.Ed. M.A

Deepinder has been teaching at Mainsbridge School since 2006 and has a total of sixteen years teaching experience. She has been involved in a number of programs designed to help our students learn, explore and grow to their full potential.

Deepinder leads the school health care team, ensuring student health and wellbeing is well maintained as required by the Department of Education guidelines. She is the primary mentor for graduate students looking to obtain practical training to initiate their teaching career.

Deepinder closely supports the Behaviour Support Team which involves planning and implementing tailored behaviour management strategies for students requiring additional support in the school environment.

Deepinder is a dedicated leader who is highly committed to making a difference in students’ life.

Assistant Principal

Jessica Lewis
Bachelor Of Education (Early Childhood) & Master of Education (Inclusive Education)

Jessica has been teaching since 2003, with the last eleven years in being special education. She has taught in primary schools, special schools and support classes. With her knowledge of early childhood development, Jessica has led teachers to provide developmentally appropriate learning programs, whilst at the same time, being age appropriate.  

Jessica works with the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) team, supporting and implementing positive language and behaviour management throughout Mainsbridge School. She brings to the team knowledge of PBL strategies and procedures acquired from previous settings. 

Jessica has a passion for the performing arts. She has co-ordinated many dance groups and choirs over the years as well as assisted with drama groups. Jessica has also led teams of teachers to prepare and rehearse dance groups and choirs in the lead up to performances at creative arts festivals. 

Assistant Principal

Ranjini Naidu 
BSc and PGCE

Ranjini has been teaching at Mainsbridge School since 2008. She leads the K-12 School Sport and Environment Education Programs. With her explicit and effective grant application skills, Ranjini has been successful in gaining major sporting and environment grants for Mainsbridge School. She strives to facilitate individual student participation in sporting events beyond school to support the physical and socio-emotional development needs of students. These events include tenpin bowling, Boccia Knockout Competition, Multi Sport Day, Variety Disco and Cricket and Soccer Gala Days. 

Ranjini is successfully coordinating the school wide Recycling Program and Gandangara Bush Tucker Garden Project whereby students are engaged in hands on experiences thus increasing their knowledge and skills in environmental sustainability and how to blend aspects of the environment with the Aboriginal culture. 

She models exemplary practice and supports staff to review, modify and expand their repertoire of teaching strategies whilst adopting to new developments to meet physical, social and intellectual needs of students from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Ranjini accepts each student as a unique individual and believes in the ultimate worth of every child. She continues to develop and sustain respectful and productive relationships within the school and wider community.

Relieving Assistant Principals

Sandi Hutchinson

Vanessa Nagy

Kavita Mohan


Office staff

Mrs Sharon Piper - School Administrative Manager 

School Administrative Officers

Jennifer, Sharm and Evro

Health SLSO

Tina B.

General Assistant

David Wilkinson


Ali Amani

School Counsellors

Mrs Faye Phu (Tuesday and Fridays)

Mrs Kerry Suga (Wednesdays)

Mainsbridge School has seventeen classes supported by a Teacher and a School Learning Support Officer. 

All staff work together as a team to ensure the achievement of high quality academic, social and vocational outcomes for all students.

2021 Classes

K Aqua: Koogie and Areena

K Lilac: Jess and Kathy

K Mint: Aisha and Alisa

1 Blue: Pravash and Sera

1-2 Red: Lidia and Georgia

2-3 Yellow: Randa and Jelena

2-5 Orange: Johanne and Kim/Emily

3-4 Green: Niki and Tasmeem

3-6 Purple: Kalpana and Terry/Emily

5-7 Brown: Ranjini and Maria

6-8 Gold: Vanessa and Lorraine

4-7 Silver: Tina C. and Reshma

9-11 Pink: Shareen and Natalie/Bella

7-10 Navy: Kavita/Sandi and Nazreen/Lindy/Marianne  

7-8 Violet: Mara and Amy

9-12 Grey: Deepinder/Marilyn and Fayrouz/Lindy/Marianne

10-12 White: Sandi/Keith and Bhupinder

9-11 Cream: Emma and Mimmi

10-12 Maroon: Parosh annd Sammy

9- 12 Black: Samantha and Rhonda


Support Teachers

Librarian: Mrs Hobbs

EAL/D and RFF: Raj

RFF: Sahil, Milena